I recently threw a going away bash for a friend who was going travelling and I wanted a personalised banner to send her on her way.

Personalised banners can be expensive and a waste of money if they can’t be re-used, so I went in search of something  I could re-use depending on the event.

After a bit of Pinterest stalking I came across the DIY WORD BANNER at The Who kid for a mere £10. (Check out their other goodies too, they have plenty of playful, child friendly knickknacks to keep your little ones entertained!)

It comes with 122 letters and symbols which are held together by little metal joiners, to create your own phrases for celebrations, parties, or just because moments. Then just string them up with the threads supplied and voila you have your very own bespoke banner.

Needless to say Tanya loved her banner, and the other guests loved the personal touch too.

Shop yours here…

And if you need some inspiration for catch phrases or reasons to put a banner up, just check out the Pinterest images below.  Because… sharing is caring, right?