Let’s talk pink sofas.

To say I am obsessed with pink sofas is an understatement. (For those who know me, this is definitely the new drinks trolley.)

But let’s get the facts straight, this isn’t just any old shade of pink. These are Blush pink sofas.

There’s been a lot of buzz around blush pinks in fashion and interiors this year, and it’s a trend which has got me super excited when it comes to home décor.

Use a blush pink/rose coloured sofa in a white, pale grey room and use the sofa as a centrepiece to build around. You can go classic with whites and soft greys with highlights of copper for lampshades and lighting.

Or alternately use a pink sofa to create drama by putting it against a bold dark coloured wall such as downpipe from the Farrow and ball range. This will really intensify the tone of pink by making it pop.

For our house I’m thinking of styling a blush sofa against chalky white walls, and lots of marble and brass textures through  the furniture (and drinks trolley) and my brass pineapple collection. 

With all that in mind, it got me researching the UK offer on such sofas. Because let’s face it, we don’t want to have to import a pink sofa. Could you imagine the shipping costs? Plus the most important thing when it comes to choosing a sofa is comfort. So you need to be able to try before you buy. 

So here’s my pick of the best… (Below) 

1. DFS have a gorgeous blush pink shade in their range which you can have in several sofas- style Angelic which is the most classic (and also the most comfortable- and cheapest) and great value for money at only £399 (for a 3 seater). 

2. DFS also have a fabric chesterfield inspired style called Opera which is also available in the same shade for £599 (for the 3 seater)  and a more contemporary sofa Presence  (3) which at £599 for a 4 seater was definitley the most stylish, but least comfortable out of the three styles. 

4. While researching, I found Mason Du Monde  to have the cheapest pink sofa available in the UK market at only £369 for the Iceberg sofa which is a 2/3 seater in a shade of Candy pink. 

5./6. Loaf offer a range of sofa's which can be custom made in shades of pink from their swatch books. My favourite fabric and colour of theres was the Peony in washed cotton.

7. Sofa workshop offer an extensive range of styles in shades of pink. My favourite pick was the Little John in Harvest Dusty pink. 

8. Ahh the Graham and Green sofa in Rose pink, sumptuous velvet. What a pretty sofa this is. Graham and green say... 'Discover the charms of the Rose Sofa Collection. This enchanting 3 seater sofa features contemporary curved arms and sturdy wooden legs. Foam padding and fibrewool back cushions offer unsurpassed comfort and support'. At £3,195 its one of the most expensive in the highstreet market, so it will definitely need to be test driven for comfort first. It does look quite delicious though doesn't it?

 9. The Muuto Connect sofa in light pink (picture below) looks like a squidgy marshmallow. Oh how I'd love to relax on that after a hard day at the office. Designed by scandi designers Anderssen & Voll for the manufacturer Muuto, this clever sofa lets you buy extra peices from the range to create an L-Shape if you wish. The 2 seater shown below starts at £2,206 at Ambienet Direct

10. The G Plan - Sixty seven by John Lewis in brush Rose is the perfect blend of vintage and contemporay styling. This stylish sofa features smooth contoured arms and turned wooden feet. Its truely distinctive and extremely comfortable, and guaranteed to enhance any stylish space. And at £1,950 its not the most expensive, but it is at the higher end of the high street sofa's. 

11. The swoon edition Tivoli left hand corner sofa in Blossom pink is another mid century inspired entry in my top high street picks. (Altho Swoon edition is an internet only business) The price is great at only £849, but you can't try this out before you buy so you need to bear this in mind. You can however pick the colour of the feet between Birch, Oak and Walnut and will certainly look the part.

12. Finally last but not least is the Saturday sofa; a gorgeous two and a half seater sofa in blush pink linen from Sofa.com. This sofa is comfy and stylish with its more contemporay yet classic styling. The great thing about this sofa is you can try it before you buy! They may only have three showrooms at the moment, but its important to have a sit down and see if it will meet your families requirements. At £1,470 the price is quite mid-high end for the highstreet, but you can't put a price on comfort can you? 

For further details check out my pick of the best below and happy pink sofa Shoping!

Feel free to share your pink sofa moments with me. If you'd like to be featured- get in touch on this link