Last weekend I decided our house needed more green so I took myself off to our local garden centre in pursuit of finding a hardy house plant to fill a space in our kitchen/ diner. 
The obsession started over Easter when my mother in-law bought us a small house plant which has since sat proudly on our kitchen shelf, and most importantly is still alive! 
I love how house plants can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. They not only brighten up a drab space with a punch of green, but they can add style and a sense of health. 
I settled on a Aspidistra Elatior, because I loved their long glossy leathery leaves, and according to the plant specialist at the garden centre,  “they thrive on neglect” and are a “cast iron plant”, which sounded like a match made in heaven for me, but obviously only time will tell. Plus according to my mum Aspidistra have been gracing people homes since the Victorian era which I also love the idea of, and its animal friendly too!
 This isn’t my first encounter with house plants.  Even though I haven’t had much luck in keeping the previous ones alive, I do have this thing with cacti and I seem to be doing alright with looking after them (ok let’s be honest they don’t need much water). See below the Cotton cacti collection which is small but growing. And so far, are all alive.... hurrah! 

If you’re thinking about getting some, but you’re worried about the maintenance why not consider faux plants?  This way you can add greenery into low light areas; with zero worry of killing an expensive plant (Just a little dusting will be required).  The benefits are endless; they don’t need watering, they won’t grow out of control (or worse die!), they won’t attract insects and are completely child and animal friendly. 
Check out my recommendations below for buying real and faux house plants. 

The Aspidistra Elatior house plant.

The Cotton Cacti mini collection.

My kitchen #Shelfie 

Real House Plants

Artificial House Plants