I’m currently having a moment with marble trays.

It all started when I came across one at Hay design whilst deciding how I could merge their chic Danish design into my little eclectic home.

I never thought a piece of carved stone could look so stylish. I would normally associate marble with high end bathrooms and kitchens, so I loved the idea of bringing a touch of luxury into our home as an accessory.  It then got me thinking about the endless possibilities these lovely trays have (plus I had to justify the £200 price tag). I could use it in our bedroom to house bits of costume jewellery, in our kitchen to tidy away the soap/hand lotion, or better yet use it on an ottoman to create a solid surface for candles and mugs in our lounge.

Because of this unhealthy obsession (and the fact I couldn’t afford to spend £200 on a tray) I started browsing the internet and here’s what I found….

It turns out the Aussies are ridiculously good at homeware design. Australian brands such as Resident GP and Urban couture have gone one step further on the marble trend, combining hints of copper and even branching into black and Italian green marble versions which are ever so dreamy.

If you live in the UK like me, the selection of marble trays is limited. But don’t despair we have lovely British homeware brand Rockett St George to come to the rescue offering their versions of marble trays between £29-£39 plus shipping. Alternately for a similar effect but on a budget check out H&M’s lookalike resin version for £6.99. You can still get your marble fix but without the price tag. 

My lounge- I bought the £39 marble tray from Rockett St George 

My lounge- I bought the £39 marble tray from Rockett St George 

Marble trays at Posh Living, Stockholm.