This month’s pick of the best is all about coat racks and hooks. Yep, random I know. But sometimes it’s the little things which are the hardest to source, and it’s no secret that I’m into the detail.

In the lead up to decorating our hallway/ landing it got me thinking about the little details which I’ll want to add and a new coat rack was one of them. Then once I started doing my own research I thought I’d share my top picks with you lovely bunch.

We currently have individual hooks from Anthropologie which are lovely but were a nightmare to line up, and space out evenly which is why I’d recommend going for a fixed plate set like any of these.

The main thing to consider is practicality over style. Our hallway is less than a meter wide so we can’t have anything which includes a shelf as it will stick out too much… although I do love them. Definitely one for the next house! 

**My favourites are number one and five. Both are from West Elm. The only thing that’s putting me off is West Elm’s customer care. After we bought a dining table and chairs from them, we had and are still having terrible service to replace a scratched chair. But annoyingly they do offer the most stylised versions of coat racks available in the UK.

My third favourite is number three, the three-piece brass and black hook rack from Cox and Cox. But with only three hooks its not a practical choice. Which is your favourite?

Coat racks- my pick of the best

1. Geo Multi Hook, West Elm £59

2. Vintage style 5 hook, Rockett St George £35

3. Black and Brass Hook rack, Cox and Cox £40

4. Heritage shelf 6 coat hook rack, Wayfair £62.99

5. Deco marble Multi Hook, West Elm £69.00

6. Vitra Hang it all coat rack, Heals £225

7. Graham Hook Rack in Bronze, Anthropologie £88

8. Mid Century stained beech hooks in Natural, John Lewis £49 

9. Industrial rack with mirror, Graham and Green £75

10. Heritage coat and hat rack in satin brass, door handle company £26.09

11. Five hook coat rack, Graham and Green £45

12. Lasso black 4 hook, Amara £25

13. Traditional vintage painted wood coat hook, Not on the high street £55



I don’t know about you, but I’m always adding and changing bits of my home. I don’t think a house is ever “finished”. For me it’s one long continuous lifelong process to add and evolve. This also keeps my home fresh and contemporary, and it also stops me getting bored with one particular style. 

My latest obsession is a new coffee table. When we bought our home we didn’t have any spare money so we’ve been using an old vintage trunk as a table. The trunk which has fantastic storage looks a bit heavy (its dark blue and trimmed in black and brass), so I’m now on the lookout for something a little more grown up. Something ideally made of my two favourite materials- MARBLE & BRASS! 

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