I’m not the best sleeper. Okay, maybe that’s a lie. I used to sleep great. The years before we had a tiny human, I used to sleep for 8 hours solid a night. Now I’m lucky if I can get six uninterrupted hours in. So when Simba Sleep asked me if I would like to road test their hybrid mattress I jumped at the chance. Anything to help improve the quality of those six hours, right?

I decided it would be best to have the mattress in our guest bedroom. This is the room that Otis and I (our tiny human) co-sleep in when he’s having a bad night. Meaning, that hopefully all three of us will sleep soundly while still under the same roof.

Simba Mattress Review

So my first impression of the Simba Mattress is it comes in a box, which was unexpected for a mattress as it’s been vacuum packed within an inch of its life, so that this Double mattress can fit neatly into a reasonable sized box. This means if you happen to live in a house which has low head height on the stairs, and you struggle to get a mattress up them, then this is the mattress for you.

Once we took the mattress out of the box and took it out of the vacuum wrapper, the mattress started taking shape pretty quickly and expanding. They say to leave it for 3-6 hours to expand, and 72 hours to completely inflate, but for us within 3 hours it was looking like a deep comfy mattress ready to sleep on.

Now first thing I need to mention which I also didn’t know about Simba Sleep, is that they offer all of their customers a 100 night sleep trial. Which means if you don’t think it’s the perfect match, you can return it at any point within the 100 first nights, and they’ll even collect it for you. You can’t argue with that.

And Simba Sleep also offer a free service to remove your old mattress when they deliver your new one. I mean, thats super handy. Especially for a knackered mum like me, who doesn’t have a big enough car to take ours to the local recycling centre.

Simba Mattress Review

Now the non important stuff that comes with having a new mattress. The look. I say that because let’s get real. We all cover our mattresses anyway with pretty sheets and covers. So does it really matter what a mattress looks like? Well, actually it does matter. To me anyway. Have you ever felt ashamed if your guest was to strip the bed and see what they were sleeping on? As far as mattress’ go, the Simba sleep Hybrid Mattress looks pretty easy on the eye for a design obsessive like me. It has a zip-off, washable and hypoallergenic sleep surface cover which is soft to the touch and easy to clean. It’s blue zip and branding logo against the white quilted top of the cover and grey base are a match made in design heaven. And it looks pretty at home here in my Green spare bedroom.

Simba Mattress Review

So the important stuff -like what it’s like to actually sleep on. Well its its super comfortable. Being a responsive memory foam mattress I was worried I could get hot, but the cooling comfort layer is designed to tackle overheating and give you extra support. It also has conical springs to cradle your body from top to toe and minimise disturbance between couples. And the durable base has been engineered to give you pressure relieving support in all the right places. And I think I mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. The cover can come off and be machine washed!

Simba Mattress Review

The verdict. The mattress is firm, but supportive in all the right places, and my body feels rested by the morning (well. as much as it can with a 8 month old baby). And as for thinking I would get hot. Even with the heating on, I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling cool and comfortable.

Would I recommend this product? I certainly would.

And if you’re in the market for a new mattress, Simba Sleep are offering you £75 off your mattress, by signing up with the Affiliate link here.

Simba sleep Hybrid mattress Review
Simba sleep mattress box which contains a double.

Simba sleep mattress box which contains a double.

And here’s a little video which my tiny human and I made. Because we couldn’t help but have a bit of fun with the branding. Just look how happy he is…

This Simba Sleep hybrid Mattress was gifted to me by Simba Sleep which makes this an #Ad. No money was taken to review the mattress. All views and opinions are 100% my own. I genuinely would recommend this product.


There’s nothing I love more about travelling than staying in boutique hotels, and when it came to updating our master bedroom, this is exactly what I had in mind. So when West Elm asked if I wanted to collaborate I jumped at the chance to create our own boutique vibe, in our Victorian mid terrace. Plus this is West Elm we’re talking about and a collaboration with them, is a dream come true for an interior gal like me.

We decorated this room fairly recently in February this year after the loft extension was completed, and although I went for Farrow and Ball railings paint again, I felt like it was lacking a wow factor with the old white bedside tables and a gallery wall which looked more cartoony than classic luxury. Plus throw in the fact that Otis had up until recently slept in here in a snuzpod cot, it was time to reclaim our grown up bedroom and hide away the changing mat and wet wipes.

I’ve attached a couple of previous photos to refresh your memory…

So the first thing I wanted to change up was the bedside tables. I chose for the Penelope bedside tables from West Elm as they’re part of their signature mid century range which has been inspired by 1960’s G-plan/esk furniture, but modernised with marble tops and metal handles. Personally I think these look much better against the dark walls, as the previous white ones stood out too much and looked cheap even though they weren’t cheap bedside tables.

Penelope bedside tables   £349, West Elm,   Staggered glass table lamp   £99, West Elm.   Ombre Reactive glaze mug   £10 from West Elm,   Agate blue/ gold coasters   - pack of 4 £54

Penelope bedside tables £349, West Elm, Staggered glass table lamp £99, West Elm. Ombre Reactive glaze mug £10 from West Elm, Agate blue/ gold coasters - pack of 4 £54

I then chose the gorgeous staggered glass table lamps to accessorise the bedside tables, giving us more light for bedtime reading and nappy changing. One of my favourite hotel chains to stay in is the Soho house group, and what I love about their bedroom styling, is how they mix wall and table lights, so this was something which I wanted to do as well. There doesn’t have to be set rules when it comes to lighting and accessories make a room, so my theory is always more is more.

Sunset lake rug   £499 from West Elm.

Sunset lake rug £499 from West Elm.

Another stand out piece in here is the gorgeous West Elm sunset lake rug. I originally thought this would look good in our kitchen, but once it arrived it was far too lovely to have baby puree chucked on it, so it moved straight up into our grown up bedroom and I think it looks gorgeous in here. My husband has been crying out for more rugs around the house, as our house has all wooden floors and can seem drafty, and this rug is not only super soft and comfortable to hop out of bed onto, but its really bloody pretty. Do you think it’s possible to be in love with a rug? Because I love this one. My only annoyance was I should have gone for the bigger size as this room could of taken the next size up. But thats my own mistake.

Box frame bench   £499 from West Elm.

Box frame bench £499 from West Elm.

One of the most important factors of this makeover for me, was choosing materials which felt and looked comfortable but luxurious. I fell in love with the metal box frame upholstered bench from West Elm for its gorgeous brass frame and navy velvet upholstered seat. I also loved the dusty blush pink velvet luster deco bedspread from West Elm which I’ve used with an older blue velvet bedspread to get a layered look. These colours were so easy to mix together as they replicate the colours in the gorgeous sunset lake rug.

Penelope 3 drawer dresser   £599, West Elm.   Nova table lamp   £129 from West elm

Penelope 3 drawer dresser £599, West Elm. Nova table lamp £129 from West elm

Then for a more practical approach, I chose the Penelope 3 drawer Dresser as our bedroom lacks storage as we’re in the loft and it fits perfectly under our sloping roof at the front of the house. Don’t feel too sorry for me though, we do have a dressing room for our clothes, but you always need more storage for those keepsakes/nicknacks, right? So I chose this dresser as it compliments the penelope bedside tables so well and even has the same marble top and curved wooden veneer.

Modern Brass Candle holders   from £29, West Elm. Brass tray from H&M (old), Purple jewel glass vase by Louise Roe at   Heals  .

Modern Brass Candle holders from £29, West Elm. Brass tray from H&M (old), Purple jewel glass vase by Louise Roe at Heals.

my mid century bedroom update from West Elm
Penelope 3 drawer Dresser  , £599 from West Elm.   Nova table lamp   £129, from West Elm

Penelope 3 drawer Dresser, £599 from West Elm. Nova table lamp £129, from West Elm

And then for the finishing touches I chose 3 round velvet cushions to dress the bed, two in Regal blue and one in blush pink to match the velvet quilt, two modern candle sticks in medium and large and the staggered glass floor light to match the side table lights. And for the real statement piece I chose the West Elm striking gilded wall art to go up on the wall bedsides the bed to finish off the boutique hotel vibe.

Disclaimer. I would have put this artwork above our bed, but we don’t have the ceiling height as we’re in the loft, but I still think it looks lovely to the side of the bed.

Curva mirror from   Select mirrors   £99, Cat limited edition print from   Divine Savages   £45, cast iron radiators from the   Cast iron radiator company   ,    Staggered floor lamp     £199, from West Elm.

Curva mirror from Select mirrors £99, Cat limited edition print from Divine Savages £45, cast iron radiators from the Cast iron radiator company, Staggered floor lamp £199, from West Elm.

And that’s it for my mid century bedroom makeover tour. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pieces that I chose and how I styled them. I’m off to go have a lie down in my own boutique hotel bedroom.

Gilded wall art £299  , from West Elm.   Box upholstered bench in navy and gold  , £499 from West Elm.

Source list - Penelope Bedside Tables £349, West Elm; Penelope 3 drawer dresser £599, West elm; Nova Table Lamp £129, West Elm; Staggered glass table lamp £99, West Elm; Luster Velvet bedspread £129, West Elm; Round lush velvet cushion in Blush £39, West Elm; Round lush velvet cushion in Regal blue £39, West Elm; Agate coasters £64, West Elm; Modern Brass Candle holder £39, West Elm; Modern brass candle holder in medium £32, West Elm; Gilded wall art £299, West Elm; Box Frame upholstered bench £499, West Elm, Sunset rug £499, West Elm; Blue Velvet throw £140, Christy; Sateen white bedding from £50 , Christy; Curva long mirror £99, Select mirrors; Skye kingsize bed £699, Made.com;

This room makeover was generously gifted by West Elm. I was extremely lucky to choose the pieces that I love and I will cherish these for years to come. All words and opinions are 100% my own.


Fluffy light bedroom

Just when one project ends another one begins. This time it’s our guest room that’s in need of a refresh and the first thing on the list is a new pendant ceiling light. Last time we decorated this room we bought an industrial light which had a huge hood and was rubbish at actually giving off any light (those lights are great for kitchens FYI.. where you have several over the dining table or kitchen counter, but not for a bedroom). In the end my husband took the hood off and we’ve just had an exposed bulb hanging from the ceiling for the past six years so this time I want something much more WOW!  

wicker bedroom light


I’ve given myself a healthy budget of £200 to find the ultimate statement light. Which should be easy right? Sure… have you seen my taste? I’m THAT girl… baked bean budget, champagne taste but I love a challenge and I love showing you new websites that you might have never thought of looking at. 

From a trend point of view, I’m all about the fluffy feather and paper lights at the moment that keep a room looking wafty, cool and feminine. But I do still like the harder edge metal frame ones, plus these give off maximum light while still looking nice.  

Here are my top picks of statement lights on the high street/internet all under £200, and if you want to know which one I went for, you'll have to read below.

Affordable statement lights under £200

1. Fluffy Ducky pendant from www.lights.co.uk for £56.90

2. Wicker lamp shade from Made.com £59

3. Nook copper pendant from Made.com £59

4. Endon Lighting Orta 9-Light Geometric Pendant from Wayfair £185

5. Dexter Sputnik Pendant from Marks and Spencer £199

6. Fiona pendant light with ruched lampshade from www.lights.co.uk for £49.50

7. Huxley pendant light from John Lewis for £195

8. Walnut pendant light from John Lewis £120

9. Oval pendant lamp Jilla made from metal from www.lights.co.uk £63.90


I’m going for the feather light from Lights.co.uk. Not only is it way under my budget at £56.90, it also ticks one of the key trends at the moment to bring some texture into our home. It will also make a change from all the brass and hardware I have going on at House Lust HQ.

What’s your bedroom light style? 



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Welcome to Mel’s mid-century modern townhouse. 

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I definitely have a cushion obsession!

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