My house plant mantra is ‘go full foliage or go home’ and ‘the leafier the prettier’ -  yep I do actually say that. So when I saw these prints today, I couldn’t believe I could combine my love of house plants with my love of art.

Meet Monstera Deliciosa illustrated by Garmi. The first poster in Garmi's Plant Series (I’m so excited there’s a series of these).  This poster is a gorgeous addition to any space whether that be in your bedroom, home office, or living room. The neutral palette of the poster matches any colour and space, so it's truly a room-changer. All I need now is some cacti prints and I’m set ... oh wait, Garmi's done those too. 

Heres a selection of some of them below, available at Uniquefind.com for $54.99. (Lets hope they ship to the UK!). 


If you want to see more inspiration, check out Pinterest.