I'm currently travelling around the south of the states with my husband , and I thought it was time I kept you in the loop with my findings. 

Today I discovered Draper James in Nashville, Tennessee. A kitsch lifestyle brand owned by actress Reese Witherspoon. Who knew she acted and designed home ware and clothing?

The best way to describe Draper James is if Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren had a southern love child. 

As we entered the store we were greeted with a friendly hi Y’all, and were offered a sweet tea as I browsed the rails and made my way over to the home accessories.

There I found the slogan ceramic mugs ‘Brunch Y’all’ and ‘Sweet as Sugar’ which are just the cutest and at $40 for a set of two I had to buy them. Yep friends, just you wait until your next round casa cotton for brunch… or just a cuppa.

The main focus of the Draper James brand is the clothing and the home ware takes second place, however the home accessories were just too sweet not to mention. From the ‘Go fight win’ plastic picnic plates which are perfect for those pre game tailgate parties, ‘The kiss my grits’ and ‘cool it y’all’ cool bags are so tongue in cheek they’re irresistible.

The store is packed full of southern charm and grace; you’ll find it hard not to buy something (I also bought a pack of pencils at $16 with southern sayings written down the sides).

The clothing is charming and all american. The palettes are kept tight with most garments in a navy, red, white or blue with easy geometric and floral prints. The Vote Y'all tote bags are very current with the forthcoming election coming up in November. 

Plus, the fact that there is currently only one Draper James store at the moment (the second store is due to open in Texas soon), makes this brand feel even more unique. Large fashion brands take note. Women love fashion, and they love home ware- do us all a favour and do a Draper James