If you follow my House Lust Instagram account then you’ll know that House plants are an obsession of mine. They say the plant lady is the new cat lady, and in this case it’s kind of true.. although don’t tell my cat Louis that! 

I’ve already got many fine-looking house plants scattered around the house, but what’s annoying is when they start looking limp and a little on the brow crusty side. Now, I’m no plant expert, but sometimes these little green things just take life into their own hands and decide they don’t like the environment I’m giving them, it also means I end up with some very non insta worthy plants ... first world problems indeed, I know.

Que my favourite new thing; the faux plant.

On a recent trip to homesense in Watford, the store was full to the brim of gorgeous green faux foliage to brighten up your homes, not only indoor plants, but outdoor faux plants too. Not only this, they looked so real and were affordable. 

Obviously the inner frugal in me immediately thought how brilliant a faux hanging basket at £12.99 would be, when real ones can cost double that and die within a month. So that was quickly added to my basket.

Then my eyes were drawn to one of the biggest faux plants in homesense; a faux banana tree plant which was a bargain £24.99. I mean are you faux real?... Sorry, no pun intended! But I have been looking for something exactly like this, so I jumped to take him home with me.

So here they are, our fabulous faux banana tree and hanging basket with their other little ‘real’ green pals. Let me know what you think? It just goes to show its okay to fake it once in a while. *winkwink

Faux Banana tree house plant at HOMESENSE £24.99

Faux flower hanging basket at Homesense £12.99

This post was sponsored by Homesense. All words and opinions are 100% my own.