What’s your TV style? Hidden away? Wall mounted? Or do you like to make a design statement with a TV stand that also serves as functional?

When I bought my first house, I couldn’t afford a TV stand, so we opted for an old trunk which also held our DVD collection. This was great, until you actually wanted to watch a movie, then it became a juggling act with who was going to hold the TV while the other one tried to find the DVD box.  Needless to say, we didn’t watch many DVD’s for a couple of years.

We eventually found one that fitted our alcove (110cm wide to be precise), our budget, and most importantly our taste from Sainsbury’s of all the places. Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s no longer sells this range, or anything similar so I can’t link it on here, but I’ve scouted out a few which are similar in price and look below.

What deciding factors do you need to consider before making that purchase?

Where’s it going to go? What’s the maximum size your room can hold?  You don’t want it to dominate a small room, neither do you want a stand which is too small to hold your Sky box, plus your DVD player and remotes etc.

How much do you want to spend? And then the most important question is what’s your style?

Are you into seventies mid-century design? Or sleek white gloss? Are you a mix and match kind of person with eclectic style? Or is industrial wood and metal your bag? Or do you want to combine your TV with extra storage to hold your books and hide that DVD collection? 

Stand out brands for me have to be Made.com for design and price, plus you can’t beat a bit of West elm; although a bit pricey. British industrial brand PIB Design have some modern yet industrial one’s worth checking out too.

Hopefully I’ve found something below which will tick all your boxes and will save you time scanning the high street and the internet. And if not, hopefully inspire you to pick something you might not have. 

Me, I’ve got an industrial wooden one with metal wheels and cup handles. I still love it and luckily its evolved with the rest of my style.

(Scroll to the bottom for my pick of the best)