I’ve teamed up with Elite blinds for their first blogger challenge, focusing on one of the key trends for 2017; Marble & Brass.

My names Amanda and I’m a marble and brass addict. I’m not afraid to admit it. Maybe I had a crystal ball, or maybe my intuition has been pulling me into these precious materials for the last couple of years without me even being aware, but I’ve somehow managed to add this look into almost every room in my house already and this is only the beginning of my marble and brass journey.

The combination of these materials is the feeling of modern luxury. Taking us back to the mid-century era which was rich in teak wood, brass and marble surfaces. Around the same time 1950’s Hollywood was rich in brass, using it for tables, shelves and drinks trolleys which have recently made a resurgence as a key item for 2017.    

Luckily for us, retailers and brands alike have realised our need to add these luxurious materials into our homes and have come up with affordable ways for us to achieve the look without breaking the bank. 

Now when I say marble and brass, it doesn’t always mean these materials must be combined in one product together, although they do look wonderful when they are.

For example, I’ve got a marble tray on my coffee table, but I use it to hold my brass pineapple. Plus, as much as I’d love a real marble coffee table, I can’t afford one, so the marble tray is my little marble fix in the lounge for now. 

Neither by the way, does it mean that marble has to be real marble.

Did you know that your local DIY store sells marble looking sticky back plastic for something ridiculous like £5.50 a sheet, which means you can up-spec an old side table of yours with some brass metallic spray for less than a tenner? 

If you’re not feeling the marble sticky black plastic, then how about introducing marble and brass into your dining? I’ve just recently bought some marble placemats and brass cutlery which pops against my wooden dining table.

This isn’t the only thing you can add to the kitchen/ dining. Many brands have remade our favorite kitchen essentials in marble, such as a marble pestle and mortar, marble cheese boards or if you’re feeling all Hollywood a barware set can add glamour for that next dinner party, plus the common theme is that they are all trimmed in.. you guessed it BRASS!

I’ve been pining over a drinks trolley for a while, but I created my own little drinks tray out of a marble placemat to give me that Hollywood fix.

Marble and brass barware in my kitchen

It’s not just about dining or lounges either. You can bring elements of marble and brass into your bathroom using marble toilet brush holders, soap dispensers and tumblers.  I’m currently lusting over the brass loo roll holder on my mood board. If this was on marble wallpapered wall it would look pretty damn dreamy. Marble wallpapers start at £20 so this is just another way that you can combine the two materials without spending a fortune. Put this with a white plantation shutter on the window and you’ve got a dreamy room right there.

Key Interior trends for 2017: Marble & Brass.  A moodboard showing how you can incorporate a little Marble and brass into every day homes.

Or bring some calm and warmth with a £9 marble printed candle or a brass light to go on that bedside table. It’s all in the details, so even adding a light and marble coaster can bring new textures into the bedroom without it feeling cold.

 It really depends on your budget as the possibilities are endless when it comes to these materials. If you can afford it, get a marble and brass side table for that corner of the lounge. But if you can’t and your like me, just accessorize with the materials to get that fix. And I’ll let you into a little secret. Trends come and go, but marble and brass has never really left us. With that in mind, make the investment. You won’t regret it. 

Blog post sponsored by Elite Blinds.