Rugs at Kempton Park's antique market

When to go... 

The sunbury antiques market at Kempton park racecourse is held every second and last Tuesday of the month from 6.30am, but be prepared to get there for 6am as that's when everyone else does, plus there's something quite magical about watching the sunrise over antique velvet chairs.

**Running when the gates open is optional.  I found myself caught up in the frenzie, so wear comfortable shoes.** 

It runs all throughout the year, but i've been advised its best to visit in the summer when its warmer and the french sellers come over. 

Today I made my first visit to Kempton park Antique's market in Sunbury, Surrey. Actually it was more of a pilgrimage, based on on my love of all things vintage. 

Held at Kempton Park's race course ground, this place gives the Rose bowl in LA a run for its money on the antique front. With over 700 stalls, its one of the largest twice monthly markets in Britain and a must visit for all antique collectors, dealers and most importantly interior designers. 

Selling everything from Danish furniture, taxidermy, vintage textiles to french chandeliers. If you make friends with the sellers you might be able to send them requests to look out for. 

Antique shopping at Kempton Park

Buyers Guide

Hire a van if you plan on buying big items of furniture. Or do what my friend did and get an Uber XL back and ask the driver if you can put the seats down. That did the job for transporting 4 Danish leather club chairs, a magazine rack, and 2 x lampshades back to Acton. 

Alternatively there is a courier business on site which will happily drive your piece home for a fee. £2 a mile, plus a set amount depending on your location.(cheaper if you're within London). 

Admission and parking is free! Whoop! 

The site is sectioned into spaces for furniture dealers, large accessories, small accessories and inside is an area dedicated to jewellery, clothing and china.

And encase you were wondering if I came home empty handed. Of course not, the blue footstool in the picture, a lampshade and a crystal ice bucket came home with me.  (Started small, next time I'll go back with a van). Hopefully I'll see you there! 


Antique rugs, taxidermy, french velvet chairs, danish chairs, french chandeliers and metal letters.