I am thrilled to share that I have been nominated for Best Newcomer blog at the Amara interior blog awards 2017. I can’t tell you what a privilege it is to be nominated, and be in a category with bloggers who I admire and do a pretty damn good job at this blogging malark! So, thank you very, very much for whoever voted for me… I’m honored!

As far as interior blogs go, mine is still very small and new, but I do try and blog as much as I can in between my full-time job in fashion, so thank you for checking in now and then.

It is a pleasure to share pictures of my home and hopefully you enjoy seeing them through Instagram and on here. As long as you still like seeing them, I’ll still keep updating you. For me it’s always been about sharing new brands and pictures of my home, because real homes don’t always look like the pinterest images that we all aspire to look like. And those pinterest people probably don’t shop at homesense and the range like I do. It’s all about keeping it real. Although don’t get me wrong you will often notice the odd save up and splurge item in some of the pics (like the velvet sofa!), but these are few and far between. At heart, I’ll always be a Watford girl with champagne taste on a baked bean budget.  (Nothing wrong with Watford girls I’ll just add!)

If you want to help get me to the awards which would mean be being able to dress up and hang out with fellow interior bloggers for a night, then all you have to do is click this link below and vote for me. 


I would be eternally grateful and on the plus side when you click on this link you can actually see the face hiding behind the blog.... aren’t you lucky!!!