Hello, and happy new year! 

I hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year. Have you all made your new year resolutions?

Starting an interiors blog was my resolution for 2016, so it would be easy to say that I want to continue blogging, which of course I do, but it’s good to set a new challenge at the beginning of the year.  This year’s new list includes one which was on last years, learning a new language, so I’ll come back to you with how I get on, later in the year!

I’ve also made a list of must do projects which is eye watering long.  A few from my top 10 include; finally buying a bar cart, choosing a neon sign for our kitchen, and the big task of having our loft converted into a bedroom, dressing room and shower room- Hurrah! Yep a blooming dressing room! For a fashwan, come interior gal like me, this is the ultimate goal.

I’ve taken our Christmas decorations down, and even though the house feels more empty, there’s something refreshing about having a clean mantle to faff with.

It’s also got me thinking about where to put some of the new bits I got for Christmas. Que the letter board and ceramic cactus vases in the photos. My husband knows me well, and knows that if there’s a fad trend for 2016, then I’ll want to own it. The sweet thing is, he’s a little sick of my cactus obsession, and still bought me two vases, so cheers Mr C! 

We were wondering around liberty pre-Christmas when we stumbled into the Rocket St George pop up shop. If you haven’t been, then you must!

This is where Mr C saw me drooling over pretty much everything in sight, and made that mental note. Now I could have displayed some lovely anecdote about the new year, and new beginnings but instead I’ve started the new year with a witty little quote by one of our favourite fictional TV character; David Brent.

New years are always a great start for new beginnings. Whether you’re planning a new project this year or just want to change things around, here’s my tips on where to start.


By all means use Pinterest, I personally use it all the time. But it can be daunting seeing all these perfectly styled homes which are styled to perfection for a shoot. Create mood boards, and use ideas as a guide. For example, you’ll never see piles of post strewn across a sideboard, or the boxes which they keep their mortgage agreements.  Don’t worry, and use them loosely for style guides, but keep in mind that your home might never look exactly the same, and should reflect you.

Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix your styles. If you’re Scandi girl who likes a bit of antique shopping, or a mid-century modern man who loves a bit of neon, it can work and your home should reflect you.

Once you’ve taken your Christmas decorations down, this is a good opportunity to put things back in different places. Moving the sofa’s around can give your lounge a new lease of life, and if they look rubbish then just move them back. What’s the worst that can happen?