House lusting has become an occupational hazard for me. I can’t seem to switch off, even when I’m on holiday. This is how I met singer Patrick Cornell, and became obsessed with his all white townhouse in Nashville, Tennessee.

Patrick recently made the move from LA to Nashville and I’d say he’s certainly bought the California laid back living with him… plus the sunshine!

The house is a three bedroom, three story, 3,000 sq. ft. townhouse in the suburbs of Nashville. Only recently built in 2016, the interior is sleek and modern, whilst the exterior still has bags of southern charm with a contemporary twist on the classic plank style house which has become famous in the south.

The surrounding neighbourhood is going through some big changes at the moment, with new townhouses going up, and old warehouses being renovated in the area.

Each month a new restaurant, deli or coffee shop seems to be popping up, which is great for the thriving music city.

The decor is sleek and contemporary but with classic all white kitchen with granite worktop, and stainless steel appliances.  Patrick has even paid homage to his music roots in the details, with a guitar cork collector, and a wall of fame gallery from years of touring around the globe.

The palette is 'white, All white. Tones of whiteas Patrick says. 'It’s clean and uplifting'. Then he’s chosen deep reds, dark yellows, browns and off-whites for accent colors.

The interior is modern, but with a couple of classic pieces for accents like an 1800’s, copper percolator meant for making coffee. Patrick tells me ‘They would mix the coffee with the hot water like a French press, but without the press, then they’d just drink it! I like the contrast of modern and classic. But, for the most part I like black and white, straight lines and minimalism.’

His favourite items are his beds- all low profile, platform beds. One black, one white and one brown, I love platform beds and the wider the platform the better- they scream modern!’.

There’s even a rooftop hot tub ‘Its my guests favourite piece’ (sorry no pics guys, something’s have got to remain private!)

Patrick's Nashville- meets Scandi chic house is a cool minimal canvas. Its immaculate and well groomed, a bit like Patrick really!

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