Have you ever wished that all your favourite homeware shops were on the same street? Well they are... in New Orleans.

The street is Magazine street and it's located in the garden district of New Orleans.

So where to start? Well that depends on your style and budget because this street has it all.

If you’re looking for handcrafted wooden furniture which has been hand made and isn’t mass produced head to Nadeau 'Furniture with soul'. Nadeau’s Prices are mid range. Don’t be afraid of the masses of furniture which they have stacked up, its quite a hectic shop, but the smell of fresh painted/ stained wood more than makes up for it.

Anyone for a mounted unicorn? Or a gold Rhino? No? If your style is more eclectic, and your budget is a mid to high end then head to Perch. Perch sell antique and contemporary furniture and home accessories, and even the odd designer item.  Check out the Christian Dior, leopard Bone china set if its still there? Its simply the best thing EVER! The price tag did make me wince it was so pricey, but who can blame them its Dior Dhaaarling! Not everything sold here is for the super rich, but be prepared to go with an open mind and a fat wallet as you won’t want to leave empty handed as there’s so many pretty things to buy. I literally wanted it ALL!

Are you more of an industrial; leather, wood and steel kind of person? Well if so, head to Discoveries. This store is definitely more about statement furniture rather than accessories.  Beautiful upholstered vintage leather chairs and reclaimed wooden tables and bookcases. The furniture here looks built to last. Prices range from mid- high, but its what you would expect for this type of sturdy furniture.

If you’re that person who doesn’t like anything mass produced, and wants something completely unique to accessorise your home then head to Magazine Antiques Mall. This place is an Aladdin’s cave for the vintage lover. They stock antique clothing, jewellery, china, pictures, Christmas decorations and even old door knobs. There’s plenty of authentic ‘southern style’ antiques too, so you can buy a little bit of American history in here.  

Other stores to note are West Elm and plenty of Antique shops including Empire Antiques.

Getting here: Catch the street bus up to the garden district.

If you’re not into home ware shopping you’ll certainly love this area. The houses are grand and painted in beautiful colours. The area is safe to have a wander around in the day and catch the street bus back before it gets dark. 

Happy shopping! x