baby bjorn bouncer bliss

If you asked me what my 'can't live without' top baby item was, then the baby bjorn bouncer bliss would be it. 

For the first three weeks of Otis' life we didn't have a bouncer as I thought bouncers were for older babies. How wrong was I. Showering and generally getting ready in the morning was a nightmare as we couldn't see each other from the ensuite to the bedroom. Throw in a pet cat who was intrigued by a new baby and that meant closed doors and lots of cries. 

Newborns sleep a lot at the start, so having a bouncer which could be moved from room to room, meant I could see Otis while showering and getting ready, and more importantly Otis could see me.  

Baby bjorn- bouncer bliss

The bouncer bliss design is lightweight which is handy when moving it around the house and packing it in the car. It also has a unique bouncing action that doesn't require batteries like a lot of other bouncers.  The mesh fabric has kept Otis nice and cool in the hot summer months, and the clean minimal design blends nicely with our home. The mesh fabric also moulds to Otis' body and neck, keeping him well supported and comfy.  There's no tacky bright colours or hanging animals which other bouncers come with. As you know me,  I like to keep things as interiors friendly as possible. 

To say the bouncer bliss is a lifesaver isn't an over statement. Otis is only 15 weeks old, and the bouncer is still being used at home and coming with us to family and friends houses, and I'm sure it will continue to do so for a while still. If I had it my way, we would have one on each floor of the house for ease. But that would be a lot of bouncers as we have three floors to cover. 

If you're expecting a child, then this is definitely a game changing item that will help make your life easier.

And it's all about ease when you have a baby. 

baby bjorn bouncer bliss

The baby bjorn - bouncer bliss is for use 0-24 months. 

RRP £147 for the mesh version, and £137 for the cotton fabric version

***This post was sponsored by BabyBjorn and babyville PR. The bouncer was gifted to us, however everything I have written is my own opinion and this is definitley an item that I would buy again.  ***