Well hello there 2019. I hope you all had a lovely break and are all feeling rested. Now let’s get back to business.

I’m kicking off the new year off with a new bedroom revamp in the form of our guest bedroom. This is also my third collaboration with the wonderful West Elm who have become my go to favourite furniture brand.

This room was my ‘monica cupboard’ for years. A dumping ground for tools and old clothes. But 8 months ago with the impending arrival of baby Otis and spurred on by crazy wild hormones, I decided to paint our spare room in 30 degree heat, while also 40 weeks pregnant. The result was a haven of green painted walls with accents of metallic brass pops. The only problem was it lacked a little bit of love in the soft accessory department and I had never given it the time or attention to treat it to new bedding, luscious lamps and cosy cushions. Until now. Well, with a little help from West Elm that is.

I’ve started by re using my gorgeous West Elm penelope bedside tables in here (you might have seen them in my master bedroom update), as we can finally use two bedside tables instead of the single one that would only fit on one side of the bed previously. This room isn’t that big. Its big enough for a double bed, small bedside tables, chest of drawers and a desk. But that’s kind of it at a squeeze.

So here’s how I gave it a fresh update for our forthcoming guests in 2019….

The bedding is the main talking point of this room, and is what I think now gives this room a wow factor. Previously it has plain white cotton bedding which was lack luster and dull. I chose the West Elm washed cotton duvet cover and matching pillow cases in Regal Blue. That old saying about not seeing Blue and green together is so old fashioned and goes against everything I stand for. These colours should very much be seen together, and by using colourful bedding that matches with your walls, adds drama and more depth to any bedroom.

I also used a crinkle velvet duvet cover in Golden oaks from West Elm to layer between the cover, to break up the bold regal blue. I also used a waffle throw in horseradish from West Elm to add more layers and to style the bedroom.

I was inspired by a lounge image I saw which had reverse colours. Teal walls with a green sofa, and I knew immediately that this was the look I wanted to achieve in here.

No bedroom styling is complete without an array of plump cushions. I’m into the eclectic look, so I deliberately chose different cushions which would compliment each other, but weren’t too matchy matchy. I chose a Mongolian lamb cushion to mix up with a round velvet cushion in Green gables.

I wanted to inject a new highlight colour into the room and decided on this gorgeous bright horseradish tone. i used it in the extra crinkle bedding in the golden oak tone, and also in the brighter waffle throw, and also in the West Elm alloy distressed rug which has hints of the golden tone with a neutral base.

I managed to even pick up a fake hydrangea in Homesense in a golden tone which also compliments these golden pops. You’ll spot him in one of the vases on the fireplace mantle.

Now let’s talk about lighting. I have a penchant for a good lamp, and when the evenings draw in I much prefer lamp lighting than main ceiling lights so it was important that this room also had bedside lights to cosy up the room for our guests.

I chose the the West Elm Green Metalized Glass table lamp which also has the handy feature of having a USB port in the back for those phone chargers, making the amount of leads less messy on their night stand. Gosh, I’m so considerate.

It also has a metallic brass base which is my metal colour of choice across my home.

My second lamp comes in the form of a Tala lamp. This little Obla oak touch lamp is a little piece of magic which has three different dimming settings. Now this isn’t from West Elm, but it was gifted to me by Tala who actually sell their beautiful bulbs on the West Elm UK site. I was lucky enough to visit the Tala head office this christmas with the West Elm team to see their efficial, super efficient workspace and learn about their recycled glass and how they’re doing everything they can to re plant trees each year for global conservation. Not only are they doing their bit for sustainability, but they’re also creating beautiful lamps.

And that’s it for my guest bedroom refresh. I’d love to know your thoughts on the pieces that I chose from West Elm. Do feel free to leave a comment below. Our guest room is now all ready for our first guests of 2019.

Product list - Crinkle Velvet Duvet Cover + Pillowcases - Golden Oaks £149 from West Elm; Washed Cotton Lustre Velvet Duvet Cover + Pillowcases - Regal Blue £149 from West Elm; Metalized Glass Table Lamp + USB - Small (Green) £99 from West Elm; Mongolian Lamb Cushion Covers in teal £69 from West Elm, Round Lush Velvet Cushions in Green gables £39 from West Elm; Penelope Bedside Table £349 from West Elm; Agate Bookends in green £24 (each) from West Elm; Alloy Distressed Rug £499 from West Elm; Bed (Old); Waffle Weave Throw in horseradish £39 from West Elm; Obla Oak touch lamp £155 from Tala; White chest of drawers from John lewis (Old).

This room makeover was generously gifted by West Elm. I was extremely lucky to choose the pieces that I love and I will cherish these for years to come. All words and opinions are 100% my own