Life is complicated. Life is busy. Life is 100mph. Work; presentations, meetings, supplier dates, strategy days, factory visits, inspiration trips, travelling, then juggle parenthood and all that entails; 6am starts, nappies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, get dressed (more than one outfit per day), bath time, get ready for bed, story time, nursery, pack the buggy, stock up the buggy bag, remember a change of clothes for nursery – just in case! keep the house in a respectable state; clean, polish, hoover, empty bins, recycle, wash down and disinfect worktops, seeing the family; pack the buggy – the other one, the one that is more durable over terrain owing to it’s oversized, chunky, mud grip wheels, in case the in laws decide on us all going for a walk in a field. Nursery commitments – bubba can be taken in from 8am and must be picked up before 6pm or its gonna cost ya. Oh and if bubs gets ill, you need to drop everything immediately and collect bubs asap. Remember what days bubba is booked in at nursery. Remember when nanny has bubba and if nanny is picking up bubba or we are dropping bubba. Grocery shopping so we don’t go hungry. That list is just what pops into my mind as I begin to contemplate writing this post. So much to do. So much to remember to do. Or, in my case, so much to forget. It’s easy to get lost in the thick fog that is my daily life admin.


That’s why the Dataflex Bento box fits with my work lifestyle. It’s the little shining light that is breaking through the thick fog of my daily life admin. It’s only a little bitty box. Lightweight and sleek. But it’s beautifully compartmentalised into neat, organised spaces that I house my essentials in. It’s a sense of order. Everything is laid out in front of me. It’s simple. It’s the clarity, versatility and accessibility which I crave that helps to make my work and my life admin achievable without giving myself a permanent migraine and hitting high stress levels, or reaching for the gin bottle at midday

Dataflex Bento box $99  for all my home office needs;   West Elm mid Century des   k £319;

Dataflex Bento box $99 for all my home office needs; West Elm mid Century desk £319;

I’ll give you an example. My work laptop. It’s nothing fancy, it’s a laptop. I compose emails on it. I read emails on it. I occasionally design some clothes on it. I google on it. I read the DM on it.  You get the idea. I can do all of that naturally without ergonomically challenging my body using the Dataflex Bento Box to hold the laptop in position. I don’t need to adjust my posh study chair. I don’t need to plump the height of the laptop with 10 issues of Living Etc so that I’m over extending my neck and spine to do my job. Thinking about it, the Dataflex Bento Box is improving my work posture too.

It’s a neat lunchbox sized ‘Addit Bento box organizer for my life. Room for notebooks, stationary, post its, to do lists, the lot. If I’m WFH – working from home, or at the office hot desking, the Dataflex Bento is my little pressure release valve for life. When work is super busy and life is 100mph, you need a little pressure release.

How my Dataflex bento box fits with my work lifestyle

Dataflex have recently added to the beautifully designed family of ergonomic desktop accessories, allowing you to get comfortable and organised at your desk, from the office or from home. It doesn’t matter whether you like to work using your favourite devices or with printed documents and notes; Addit Bento supports the way you like to get your work done.

This post was sponsored by Dataflex, however all opinions are 100% my own