Dualit Classic   Kettle   and new gen   toaster  .

Dualit Classic Kettle and new gen toaster.

It's 5.30am at the weekend and my 14-month-old is full of the joys of spring. It's my turn to give the husband a lie in and I'm keen to get downstairs and start the day. Take on the world. carpe diem? or something like that. Anyhow, what better way to kick off the day than to make myself a cup of coffee and get that first caffeine fix using my new Dualit coffee bags.   

My Dualit   Classic Kettle

My Dualit Classic Kettle

Having tended to the wee man (not literally) and ensuring he is tucking into his brekkie (2 weetabix!!) in his high chair, I head to my Classic Dualit Kettle. Ah. There she is. In all her finery. What a beauty. It's not just the polished, stainless steel finish that shimmers in the early morning light that makes me love this kettle so much. It's the fact it's so darn quiet when the water is boiling. It's not like my old one that resembled a rocket launch every time I boiled it to make a cuppa. So, what makes it so quiet? well, the clever folk at Dualit have come up with a game changer patent; Whisper Boil Function. Don't ask me how it works, all I know is my quiet, serene, tranquil start to the day remains just that. By quiet, serene, tranquil I mean listening to bubba munch away on his weetbix and guzzle down his bottle of milk without taking a breather. That is the sound of one satisfied baby! 

Now the kettle has boiled (in under 1 minute) I pour the boiled water into my favourite coffee cup – A 70s retro paisley pattern and I enjoy the Dualit Coffee which give that intense cafetière flavoured coffee I love minus the fuss and time of using a cafetière. Time is precious with a 14-month-old on the loose and the less work I have to do the easier my life is. And did I mention the flavours? Today I am having the Dualit Sumatra Mandheling, but I’ve also had the Dualit Intense compostable coffee bags and the Dualit Decaf Blend. Game changer right there. These coffees are strong and rich in flavour and the coffee bags are all compostable making them more sustainable for the environment. They even come in recycled cardboard boxes which is refreshing in itself to not have wasteful packaging. Thanks’ Dualit for giving me a Barista style coffee ready in 60 seconds from my own kettle is an absolute revelation.

One final thing, and in my book a crucial thing to note. The longevity, sustainability and value for money which this Classic Dualit Kettle has been so smartly designed.  It has a replacement element that ensures the kettle perpetually makes my favourite coffee. Having a replacement element means that when it does eventually fail (after all the use it gets in my house) you don't need to chuck the kettle out. You just order a replacement element from Dualit and connect it up and you're good to go and carry on getting that caffeine fix!

Dualit classic Toaster and New Gen Toaster.

Dualit classic Toaster and New Gen Toaster.

Alongside my kettle I have been using my Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Toaster to make mine and little Jimmy's soldiers in the mornings to accompany our coffee, bottles of milk and Weetabix. This toaster has been with us since we moved into our house 8 years ago and bubba was just a twinkle in our eyes. The toaster, like the kettle has been designed with a replaceable element so you are on to a winner. Plus, like the kettle design, the toaster is also a design classic; curved stainless steel, retro, timeless design which is yet to fail me in its performance. No one makes a kettle or toaster quite like Dualit do. Built to last a lifetime and more sustainable for all of us. I’m sure we’ll still be talking about their timeless, clever design for many years to come.


Now, to cease the day! (carpe diem).


This post was sponsored by Dualit, however all opinions are 100% my own.