WARNING! This post contains photos of my favourite current obsessions... BRASS, GREEN VELVET FOOTSTOOLS and PALM PRINTED CUSHIONS!

The scandinavians are known for their stylish interiors, and this shop proves just that. Welcome to Brandstationen, AKA the prettiest homeware store in Stockholm.

I was lucky enough to find myself over in Stockholm again last week, and I couldn't help but snap a few pics of this store before I left. This store is all about furnishings and antiques and is super eclectic, which is why it stands out amongst other swedish homeware boutiques which are normally more minimal in styling. 

Part of the Herr Judit company, Brandstationen's concept is to source vintage, second hand and new pieces which are all in good quality. All of the items,  jewelry and art are carefully selected to be style-conscious in mind for like minded interior enthusiasts who have a mid range budgets. The store was formerly in a fire station, which is the reason for the name.

Even if you're not going to Stockholm anytime soon, I hope these pictures help inspire your next refurb. Enjoy! Oh, and if anyones going over anytime soon, can you pleease bring me back that velvet green footstool in your hand luggage? Thanks x