I always wanted a black and white bathroom with a roll top bath. Five years on and I still love the bathroom which we have today. Yes, the vast amount of white metro tiles can be a pain to clean in between; we should have gone with grey grout- noted for next time! And yes roll top baths are very annoying to clean underneath. No one ever mentions that, but they do look ever SO pretty!! But until you try these things out, you’ll never know yourself.

Recently though I felt our bathroom was lacking a wow factor and I couldn’t put my finger on it. After contemplating with the idea of painting all of the walls and ceiling the darkest of greys (farrow and ball downpipe to be precise), I decided against the idea.  Mainly because of the cost, time and the mess it would make. So instead I decided to turn to other resources to give the bathroom a summer refresh- New Towels and new house plants!

First the towels. If you follow my Instagram account, then you might already know that I’m currently obsessing over the colour blush. Blush sofa, blush velvet ottoman, blush cushions… you get the gist… and now blush bath towels.

Thanks to the clever team at H&M home, I didn’t have to do too much internet surfing to find exactly what I was looking for. I decided on a mix of blush stripes and dark grey textured towels to keep the husband happy so it doesn’t look too girly.

I then went to my local garden centre for a cheese plant and a new cactus. I’m calling this guy the “don’t shoot” cactus. He’s pretty cool, especially since he resembles the cactus emoji!

Both plants add a bit colour to the room and stop it looking too feminine. I’ve been told they’re both hardy house plants, so I shouldn’t be able to kill them too quickly and they shouldn’t need too much attention. Let me know what you think? Oh and trust Louis (our black cat) to not want to miss out on a photo shoot opportunity!

Let me know how you’ve refreshed a tired bathroom through new accessories? 

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