On a recent trip to China, my friend and I found ourselves on the Bund in Shanghai, and after a meal at Pop (in Three on the bund), we were told by the staff we must visit Unico, a Mauro Colagreco restaurant which was several floors below..

Unico is a Latin soul lounge, and the first concept of its kind in Shanghai with artists using the space as a platform to display their creations on the vast wall space. The bar offers modern design through the neon lights, and the warmth of Latin culture through the music and large palm trees dotted around which was designed by Argentine architect Marcelo Joulla.

Being interior obsessed (and especially a huge fan of Neon lights), I found myself in awe of the beautifully presented bar in the corner of the room- not forgetting the view this bar has of the amazing Pu dong skyline.

Firstly this little 'El Lab' cocktail bar had managed to combine two of my biggest loves - disco balls and neon signs. Plus with the clever use of laboratory glasses intermixed with the cosmopolitan glasses and bourbon, I was transfixed.

The music vibes were pretty good too, if I closed my eyes I could feel the hot sand of Copacabana beach through my toes. Its definitely worth a visit if you're in town, even if you're not a fan of interiors but a damn good margarita!