Over Christmas a group of us decided to take a road trip to Whitstable to get some British seaside air in our lungs; eat oysters and generally feel very British. Being completely interior obsessed I found myself dragging my reluctant friends into all of the antique shops which were dotted along the high street (Who knew Whitstable was so big on antiques!)

Our first stop on the high street was the treasure trove which was Geoff Laurens antiques, which is near the sea front. Geoff's is definitely one of those antique shops which you need to be prepared to rummage (and haggle). 

The second stop was Warehams who specialise in antique garden ornaments and Gustavian painted furniture which was an absolute dream. If I had owned a van (and a bigger house), I would have taken the lot. Including a gorgeous, extremely large industrial wooden sideboard. 


The last on my stop was L'Image, which is a tiny little shop, with a lilac fascia.  It specialises in French/Italian shabby- chic furnishings and antiques, mainly specialising in gilded mirrors and lights.

If you’re looking for a chandelier or crystal light, then I would make this your first point of call.  Chandelier’s range from £80 - £300 which seemed very reasonable for their size and beauty.


In summary, if your London or southern based and want a French chandelier or an industrial desk, or just fancy some Oysters, then make sure you get yourself down to Whitstable (maybe take a van).

It’s certainly cheaper to antique shop here than in London, and I know I’ll definitely be coming back in the summer.

Heres a couple of extra photos to make you swoon over this gorgeous little seaside town.